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Manuscripts Digital Collection

Collections held by the Manuscripts division of the Special Collections Department primarily document Mississippi from the early 19th century to the present. Types of records include photographs, personal diaries, individual and family correspondence, business ledgers, daybooks, deeds, broadsides, architectural drawings, audio-visual recordings, artifacts, and other records. Collection strengths include African American History, Agricultural and Rural Life, Civil Rights, Civil War, and Journalism.



CHARM Digital Collection

The Consortium for the History of Agricultural and Rural Life in Mississippi (CHARM) is a collaborative effort of the University Archives and the Manuscripts Department. Materials in the digital collection include These include reports and records from the MSU Extension Service and Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Stations (MAFES), photographs, personal diaries, business ledgers, daybooks, deeds, correspondence, exhibition catalogs from fairs, and other records relating to agriculture and the cotton and timber industries in Mississippi.

Langfitt Farm Families of the Week

From 1954-1961, WLBT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi sponsored a program which was the creative product of Howard Langfitt (1919-1997), Farm Services Director. "RFD Televisit", an agricultural news and educational program, aired from 12:25-1:00 P.M. Monday through Friday and was sponsored by Hercules Powder Company, Monsanto, various rural electrification systems, and other companies that had an interest in the rural television market. Each program included farm news, agricultural weather and some type of demonstration of an approved farming or homemaking project. Langfitt relied heavily on county agricultural extension agents for projects and suggestions that went into producing the show.

After leaving WLBT in 1961, Langfitt retained the film negatives and scripts which make up the collection. 366 families are represented in the collection by 342 television scripts, and some 16,600 negative images. The collection does not contain film or audio of any portion of the programs.

Forest Resources Tool Collection

The Cully A. Cobb Antique Tool Museum contains over 350 antique woodworking tools, farm implements, and household equipment. Items date to the 17th century, including axes, saws, planes, hammers, drills, chisels, adzes, mauls, and plow stocks. The digitization of these objects is an ongoing effort as part of the CHARM initiative.

History of Medicine

The History of Medicine Digital Collection consists of letters, diaries, and other manuscript materials related to 19th and early 20th century American medicine. The collection includes materials from Mitchell Memorial Library's Special Collections, including the Todd A. Herring Collection, the Lenoir Family Plantation Records, and the Daniel Williams Family Papers. These letters and documents offer insight into 19th century medicine, illness, injuries, and views on death, along with more general observations on daily life. Scholars of the 19th century American South will be interested to see details on Civil War battlefield injuries, slaves' lives and deaths, and discussion of the epidemics ravaging the Deep South at the time, cholera and yellow fever.

T. H. Smith Postal History Collection

The T. H. Smith Postal History Collection was assembled by Thomas H. Smith (1928-2012), an architect and dedicated amateur postal historian from Jackson, MS. The collection is primarily composed of postcards, letters, and other materials that document the history of the postal service in Mississippi from statehood through the late 20th century.

Ames and Hogan Family Papers

The Ames and Hogan Family Papers, held by the Manuscripts Division of Mississippi State University Libraries, document the history of the Ames and Hogan families of Ditto's Landing, AL and Starkville, MS, from 1816-1910. The papers consist of a wide variety of materials, including correspondence, legal documents, speeches and essays, and receipts for both cotton and enslaved persons.
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